City High Rise Commercial High Rise Window Cleaning

Our well-trained, professional commercial high rise window cleaners efficiently clean interior and exterior windows using proper safety precautions and state of the art equipment.

City High Rise Residential High Rise Window Cleaning

We offer competitive residential high rise window cleaning rates. Our experienced residential high rise window cleaners are professional and safety-oriented.

City High Rise Power Washing

High rise power washing can remove damaging dirt, grime, carbon, pollution, and other contaminants from your high rise building in a safe and efficient manner.

City High Rise Hot Water Power Washing

Our hot water power washing equipment can clean practically any stain from your building. Our power washing team will safely and efficiently eliminate dirt on your building’s exterior.

City High Rise Alcuabond Restoration

Alcuabond aluminum composite panels need proper maintenance to retain their intended appearance. We have years of experience restoring and refinishing Alcuabond panels.

City High Rise Caulking and Sealant Repair

Without a proper seal your high rise windows will develop problems. Our caulking and sealant repair services are essential for windows to last through our harsh weather conditions.

City High Rise Window Restoration

The expert window restoration team at City High Rise has the skills and experience to perform restoration which provides a highly competitive cost advantage to replacing windows.

City High Rise Hard Water Stain Removal

Hard water removal to eliminate mineral buildup on your building not only improves its appearance but also prevents mineral buildup on windows, which can damage them.

City High Rise Post Construction Cleaning

Construction dirt and dust can build up quickly on windows and exterior surfaces. We have the equipment and knowledge to clean your building and keep it looking brand new.